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Welcome to QWAMO

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Qwamo is a software house that specializes in advanced digital solutions.

We accompany various businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to develop their product which includes a mobile application or a management system under one roof by a team that wakes up every morning with a passion to innovate, invent and develop the best solution for the client. You can find with us a solution for every small and large digital idea, starting with the development of mobile applications, CRM management systems, CMS and Big Data solutions.

We will accompany and guide you at every stage of the process from the idea and planning stage to the stage of putting the product on the production environment and all this in perfect harmony.


Product Management

Where do you start? How to implement your amazing project from an idea to a real product, one that will serve hundreds/thousands of users in the world? The product specifications and management process occurs throughout the product's development process. Starting with the initial characterization, building the architecture, precise planning of the "living environment" of the product, technological characterization and flow charts, and of course ongoing management of the product's life from its first day until it is uploaded to the real environment.

With us you will find strict planning and accurate characterization and they will allow you to work continuously, without additional expenses, on pre-defined schedules, proper supervision of the product / design / development teams, version management, tasks and Gantts.

Product design and development

User experience design and user interface are topics that should be taken very seriously in any project development. It is always important to examine who is the target audience of your product (ages, family status, education, socioeconomic status, hobbies, etc.) and how to make your product accessible to the target audience in the best, friendliest, most intuitive and clear way. Each color, font and location has a huge meaning that will leave your customers with an experience that they will want to experience day after day at every hour.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of experience design and user interface in which Eliyahu has designed hundreds of different and varied projects, you can be sure that you have come to the right place.


POC / MVP version development

A dilemma that every entrepreneur faces. Develop a full product or a lean version of the product? Is it even worth investing time in developing a complete product without knowing the programming of the product? What is the programming version anyway? Slim version?

The programming version or lean version is a smaller version that contains the main features of your idea but not all features. A lean version of your product comes to give a "glimpse" of your full product to the target audience or investors, and the only reasons for developing a smaller version are of course: fast development time, saving development costs, presenting to investors for the purpose of raising capital or examining the programming in front of a potential target audience.

Together, we can specify and characterize your complete product and minimize its development for a short period of time, which will save you tens of thousands of shekels. What to include in the lean version? How can you develop a slim figure within one to three months? How to make the version accessible to users and collect information about their personal experience with the product and how to present the version to investors. Everything is done together.

Team trainings

Knowledge is power, no doubt about it. Building winning teams in your organization is a central step in the process of developing your idea, but no less important is the whole issue of learning and enriching the employees in the organization. The technological/entrepreneurial world renews itself every day and innovative methodologies enter our lives all the time, so it is important to enrich and stimulate the knowledge of all teams. On our workshops page you can read everything about the workshops and courses that we conduct in your office/company in the closest and most convenient environment for you. From enrichment courses in the field of playfulness, self-learning and motivation to management and product design workshops and technological product development.


About Us

In the last decade, we have accompanied dozens of entrepreneurs and start-up companies from various fields at the beginning of their journey. The first decisions that entrepreneurs are forced to make are not easy and may affect the success of the product, the high development costs, the establishment of the product and development team, unpolished characterization leading to the waste of precious time and of course money that is not always available. There are many fascinating projects that failed due to incorrect planning and financial expenditure that did not provide the product or the accessibility for various reasons such as unfocused interface design or experience, development of versions "on the fly", use of development technologies that do not match the product's requirements and consequently high monthly maintenance costs In particular, long development periods, without focusing on the main features or developing a lean version for feasibility testing.

Thinking about technological development for a new idea or product?
This is your starting point.
The perfect solution from idea to product

Romi Chitrit
Customer Relations Manager

Very pleasant, my name is Romi, founder of the "Qwamo" company, graduate of a bachelor's degree in education and art, personal trainer and certified parenting instructor.

I specialize in listening, sensitivity to people and connection to their essence.

Human love, communication, dialogue and connection is an art and for me it is a way of life!

This is what I do with great love and pleasure.

Here at "Quamo" I bring the spirit of partnership and creativity so that the essence of the product is connected to the heart and vision of our entrepreneurs.

From my personal experience, when people are connected to their uniqueness, their vision and their essence, it certainly motivates them to act full of passion and motivation and thus, they inevitably succeed in achieving the goals they set for themselves and prosper in all areas of their lives.


Elihu Chitrit
Director of Development

Hello, my name is Elihu, senior lecturer, specifier, developer, designer and product manager in the worlds of technology and academia. I live and breathe innovation and high-tech for over 25 years in which I have been involved in a wide range of positions ranging from a young designer or programmer to a CTO development manager and a Product Designer in start-up companies in Israel and the USA.

After many years in the industry and the extensive experience I gained in every position alongside endless learning and in-depth research in every field, I chose to use the knowledge and experience I gained in order to advise and accompany entrepreneurs, companies and academic bodies, throughout the development stages which include: technological characterization and architecture characterization, user experience research and interface design, technological development on different platforms and thereby lead them to focus on goals and objectives, in product management and design, to save time and money, productivity and task management in a technological environment (even without an "in-house" technological team) and all this, in order to reach the exact product and the most appropriate and correct technological solution for them.

So why actually Qwamo?

We offer entrepreneurs and start-up companies personal, ongoing support at the most affordable costs. Our studio is a family boutique office that provides all services for the design and development of your application or management system even overseas. We conduct weekly Zoom meetings, in full transparency with task software (so you can always know what stage your project is at) and of course we also come to face-to-face meetings all over the world!
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